Enterprise Command Center

Enterprise Command Center Solution

•Fully functional real-time based collaborative commanding center:

Hold video conferene with intuitive, easy-to-operate user interface, easy-to-access remote scenes; conduct live presentation via file sharing; provide essential information to the decision makers at business commanding center in timely manner; allow the decision makers to collaborate effectively and solve important issues quickly.


• Highly integrated unified communication with high-definition video display:

Use the in-house designed V2Phone© Software at the client side, which is tightly integrated with the V2Server© Software on the server side; support H.264 High Profile Video standard to encode and decode the video streams; provide customers with high-definition, clear and smooth video conference experience.

•Multi-party video and audio conference with versatile end-point devices:

Client users can easily particilate in the conferences via ordinary PSTN phones, IP phones, IP video phones, PC with V2Phone installed, Apple iPhone, or Android based smart phones. The conference host can host up to 9-party conference call at a time.


• IP video surveillance monitoring function:

With self-develoed Surveillance Console ©  Software, users can perform real-time monitoring of remote sites using the IP surveillance cameras connected to our server platform.