Multi-site Company Integration

Multi-sites Company Management Solution

• Allow a globalized enterprise to quickly establish communication platform at the remote sites and have all of the geographically dispersed offices to stay connected very efficiently.

• Improve productivity in the distributed office environments via unified and ubiquitous voice & video communication infrastructure established at all office locations.

• Achieve real-time production process management in a factory environment via integrated video surveillance monitoring system.

• Allow the staff across verious functional areas (such as R&D, sales, and customer support departments) to communicate and collaborate effective via the unified communication and collaboration tools supported in our system. This will result in shortened sales cycle.

• Enhance customer support sastisfaction by using the video conference and collaboration tools with the WebCall service (an optional add-on feature) supported on our system.

• The privacy and security of data transmitted across the network built with our platforms is better guaranteed as all the data is transferred within a private cloud environment.