Human Resources Department – Staff training and development

Staff education and training is a rapidly expanding market: With the advent of the information age, it is very essential for an enterprise to keep training and developing the skills of their employees, in today’s highly competitive environment, Through efficient networked video conferencing systems, the cost saving of staff education and training or the training will be significant. In general, the Personnel Department is the department in a company that can take most advantage of the benefits brought in by using the video conferencing systems for staff education and training purpose. Through the efficient video conferencing system, the company staffs located at dispersed geographical locations will be able to particiapte in the training and collaborate with colleagues at different locations without the needs of physically traveling to the site where the trainer is located. Facing the trends of global competition, many of the large financial insitutions had begun to outsource the work force to the locations overseas. For example, currently the world’s top five banks have had their Call Center operations outsourced to India, In order to avoid reduction in the quality of service as a result of outsourcing, these banks have to conduct effective education and training sessions with the work forces in these outsourcing company located in India through effective video conferencing systems. The needs of doing that becomes very essential.

Product Development Department – Effective meetings between cross functional teams

By using the effective video conferencing system, the colleagues in the Product Design and R & D departments can use the electronic collaboration features along with the video conferencing features to conduct effective discussion during the prototyping stage. When needed, they can even bring in the video monitoring feature to look at the sample at production on the real-time basis. This dramatically reduce the time required to solve issues, and product development process.

Sales Department – Provide real-time support to remote sites

The Unified Communications technology has evolved over the recent years. It has now emphasized on providing the communication services that allow people to use any device to communicate with others at any time via varities of ways, such as instant messaging, voice and video call/conferening, electronic collaboration, etc. All the data is streaming on the same network. When all kinds of communication tools are integrated on a common platform, connection between people will be able to be carried out in the most efficient way depending on the networking resources that are available at the time of communication. The choice of what kind of tools/media to be used for communication can be managed and on a single platform, which will result in the best performance.

When the sales people visist customers, sometimes they need the technical staff or experts in the specifc domain from inside of the company to answer customer’s questions. At that time, if they can use an effective video communication systems to bring the subject matter experts to the scene on the real-time basis, the sales cycle can be dramatically reduced.

Another obvious trend is pervasive presence of mobile devices. “In recent years, the habits of using mobile applications have changed a lot. In the past, the mobile application might refer to installing an application on a PC, allowing users to run the mobile application (such as video conference software) with a wired network connections. Today, more and more people have migrated to using smart handheld devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers to run the mobile application on the wireless networking media, at any where there is WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE connections.

Production Department – Real-time remote surveillance monitoring

The Production Department,sometimes, has a need for monitoring the manufacturing process on the product line. With the Surveillance Monitoring features, they can monitor the production line status on the real-time basis, through the IP Cameras connected to our system. The relevant staff can watch the video on a PC with fixed or wireless connections to the UC-Server platform; or they can even view it on a smart phones if they are located at remote sites distant from the production line. These surveillance video streams can even be brought into a multi-party video conferencing, in order to allow the decision makers participating in the video conference to discuss about the issues according to the real-time images broadcasted from the production line, and take a proper action in a timely manner.

Customer Support Department – Real-time on-line customer support via Video Web Calls

It is a quite common practice nowadays, for an enterprises to allow customers to make a direct call to the Call Center, via guiding the customers to follow the instruction on the enterprise’s web page and click an icon to connect to the support staff at the Call Center right away.

With the Web Call Server feature provided by our UC-Server solution, we can help our customers to incorporate such a feature to their web pages and allow them to provide this popular customer support function.