Enterprise Management Application

Work From Home Application

Recently, the local epidemic of Covid-19 new crown pneumonia has expanded, and the company is worried that employees will be infected on the way to work, so it has changed to let employees “work from home.” In addition, the epidemic may become the norm, and long-term planning is required. Let the scattered employees remain close, manageable and efficient as when working together.

Efficient, manageable, and legally prescribed “work from home” solution

  • Simulate the same contact, communication and management in the office.
  • Enforcement of labor standards law attendance records.

Multinational Management of Enterprises Collaboration Application

The private video conferencing collaborative operating platform uses the company’s internal encrypted network to solve the problems of communication security and data privacy. Global calls within the enterprise are completely free and safe, and all terminals can be used to make low-cost calls when dialing out. It can work alone, support computers and mobile devices, and can also expand the scope of application; this system is simple to set up, easy to maintain, and is the most user-friendly integrated communication system on the market.

  • Real-time active visual management
  • Private Cloud Video Conference Switch
  • Private cloud collaboration
  • Can be used for cross-border, cost-saving local call links
  • Can record video

Factory management application

Factory management application

Situation room, mobile management application, integration of communication, monitoring, information, and reports

  • Multinational experts work together to create a situation room
  • Supervisory Tablet PC Mobile Situation Room
  • Integrate real-time report query such as ERP/CRM
  • IoT visualized active alarm collaboration application

Telemedicine applications

Clinic telemedicine application

Recently, the local epidemic of Covid-19 new crown pneumonia has expanded. People are afraid to go to hospitals and clinics for treatment. They are worried about being infected on the way. If an online consultation method can be provided, patients from all over the world can still see the doctor with peace of mind.

  • Solve telemedicine registration, consultation, consultation, and declaration

Community home care application

There is no customized communication and integrated communication solution specifically for home services in the market. The focus is on interdisciplinary platform solutions that can give full play to the benefits of cross-field experts’ collaborative work. The provision of smart video switch private cloud home care solutions can also meet: close connection, Simple structure, high reliability, convenient use by the elderly, low cost and other requirements.

Clinics create value and provide 『VIP/case health management』 solutions

  • Establish community care and strengthen the relationship between doctors and patients
  • Use of community resources to create value

VIP membership service application

VIP membership service application

  • Gym
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Investment Advisor
  • Nutrition Center
  • Professional lecturer
  • Club

School management and application

School management and application

  • Sick students attend classes remotely
  • The principal/director can visit the classrooms from a distance
  • Campus dynamics
  • Distance lectures by professional lecturers