Company Profile

V2Plus Technology, Inc. (formerly V2 Technology, Inc.) was founded in 2005, at City of Fremont, which was located in Silicon Valley, California.  The mission of this company is to design and develop a series of  hardware & software platform and solution infrastructure based on the leading-edge “SolutionNet ©” technology. Through years of dedicated efforts in this area, the company had successfully delivered the “Universal Connection Server” (UC-Server) and associated software platform and end-point Client Software “V2Phone”, and started to market these products under its own “V2Plus” brand name in 2013.

Besides the headquarter office located in Fremont, California, the V2Plus Technology, Inc. has branch offices in Dallas, Texas, USA; Taipei, Taiwan (Asia Pacific Headquarter); and Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.  Each of these branches is empowered with clear mission, and  accounted for the regional sales, marketing, support and product development responsibilities, respectively.


  • 2005


    V2Plus Technology, Inc. was founded in 2005, by a group of technical professionals who are experts in the telecommunication & networking technologies, in Silicon Valley of California, USA. They dedicated their talents and time in the development of "Integrated communication platform” server which suitable for more multinational stronghold management needs.

  • 2007

    Developed the communication management work platform technology

    In 2007, this company developed the communication management work platform technology which allows the processing of audio/video/data streams of information to be highly efficiently integrated using its own innovation of MaxQoS algorithm.

  • 2009

    Integrated Universal Connection

    In 2009, the company successfully built the first hardware prototype of the "Integrated Universal Connection" server.

  • 2011

    Develop the function of multi -platform

    In 2011, the team further pushed the envelope of their technology to develop the function of multi -platform integrated communications network systems, which could be successfully cluster a number of integrated communications platform for a single management interface of private cloud platform. This solution Suitable for multinational/cross-regional integrated communication management of distributed enterprise applications. That can be applied in the innovative management or business service mode such as : multi-site enterprise management, chain store support, healthcare service, multi-point remote education, Science and technology of logistics management… etc.

  • 2013

    The official name of the product

    In 2013, the company established the Asia Pacific Sales/Marketing and Product Development headquarter office in Taipei, Taiwan. To carry out the products of “A fully functional integrated communications platform” (UC&C+IoT) application and development, brand marketing and business development work. To provide the multiple integration application functions such as high quality/desktop video conference room、personal and portable communication & management gadgets for enterprise users、and real-time monitoring and management solutions by integrating with emerging IoT technology etc. It is the only one wisdom networking communications equipment in the global market which seamlessly integrate human-to-human, human-to-machine, machine-to-machine interfaces to achieve highly intelligent and efficient communication and service models that can significantly enhance the productivity of an enterprise, and the quality of human lives.

  • 2016

    CommunicAsia 2016

    Participated in the “CommunicAsia” event for the first time, from May 31 to June 3, 2016 at Booth BB3-01 in Singapore. The exhibition has become the most important telecom information exhibition in Asia, exhibiting UC-6050 and UC-8100 is a cross-epoch Internet application, actively attacking the integrated communication and mobile video conferencing market.

  • 2018

    V2Plus opens overseas markets

    With the expansion of the international market base, cooperation with D-Link Russia in Russia has entered the large telecom market, and in China, through Unicom's Sichuan branch, the package of small and medium-sized enterprises is the monthly rent, and the establishment of a base in Chengdu will provide services throughout. 21 prefecture-level cities. In Taiwan, in addition to large-scale customers including Formosa Plastics, Chewang, Xucheng, Xiangyu Biomedical, etc., it has also won the largest telecommunications trademark case through its agent Datong World Technology, which will be fully promoted this year.

  • 2020

    Taiwan International Sports Students Actively Preventing Epidemic Prevention and Health Management-Press Conference

    Provide a private cloud integrated communication management platform for the health management of outstanding athletes

  • 2020

    The Cares 2020

    Participated in The Cares 2020 Taipei International Care Technology Application Exhibition, providing home care and telemedicine solutions. (Booth number:B405)

  • 2021

    The Cares 2021

    Participate in The Cares 2021 Taipei International Care Technology Application Exhibition. (Booth number:B0417、B0419)