Product Overview

UC&C+IoT Platform

New inventions
The first and only one multifunction intelligent network communication platform
with Unified communication and Collaboration and Internet of Things (UC&C+IoT)

It solves the issue of needing to use multiple boxes with complex inter-connection to provide unified communication functions by integrating voice, video and data processing over its own unique Universal Connection Architecture, on one single box. With this innovation, the customers who demand unified communication solution will be able to deploy the unified communication network in a very short time (compared to using the traditional unified communication equipment), and enjoy the ease of system management as a result of combining all functions into one box and using one central web based management interface. This approach significantly reduces the operation cost required to establish and maintain a unified communication network, as well as the total cost of ownership, due to having fewer boxes to own and to maintain.

The V2Plus UC Server allows the end users or system integrators to deploy an intelligent, integrated Universal Connection system that combines voice/video conference calls, instant messaging, data exchange, collaboration, and surveillance monitoring applications at the customer’s site in typically less than 1 hour time. It will then enable the customers to apply creative service application and business management scenarios in a distributed business environment.

Six Advantages

Key Advantage

One single box with complete integration of communication and the Internet of things functionalities.
Support 9-party video conference and collaboration function.
Easily deployed on the existing networking infrastructure as an ‘add-on’ device, without disrupting existing IT activities and operation.
All the functions (video calls/conferences, desktop sharing, instant messaging, surveillance monitoring) are invoked with simple clicks like dialing telephone extension.
Seamlessly integrated with traditional voice telephone system, video surveillance system and communication network.
With integrated surveillance monitoring functions, it sends the intrusion notification to the designated extension number and allows the responsible party to investigate the indidents via the video images captured by the surveillance cameras on the real-time basis.
Support mobile devices such as Google Android or Apple iOS based smart phones and tablet computers.
Support WebCall function, which is an optional item and can be purchased separately.It can be used to set up video based customer service call center.
All the communication functions are established in a private cloud infrastructure to assure privacy and security in communication, collaboration and surveillance application services.